Prof. Dr. Johannes Heinrichs
Integrale Philosophie

Prof. Dr. Johannes Heinrichs
Integrale Philosophie




Diamonds of Integral Philosophy. An outline of the book "Integral Philosophy",
Edition Prisma, Auroville 2019 (revised version; with an appendix), 39 pages. ISBN 9-788193.3675-13 [PDF]

Integral Philosophy. The Common Logical Roots of Anthropology, Polititics, Language, and Spriituality, 306 p. Stuttgart 2018 (ibidem in collbaration with Columbia University Press, New York).  ISBN 978-3-8382-1148-0

Value-Levels-Democracy. The Reflection System Theory of Four Segmentation, 100 p. Auroville (India) 2019 (Edition Prisma).  PDF  ISBN 978-81-933675-7-5


ibidem leaflet

Academia leaflet: edition Johannes Heinrichs


A Model of Value-based Democracy as Condition of Ecological Sustainability, in: Democracy, Ecological Integrity and International Law, ed. J. Ronald Engel, Laura Westra and Klaus Bosselmann, 2010, ISBN 13: 989-1-4438-1767-7; ISBN 1-4438-1767-8. [PDF]

Democracy an Unattainable Promise? The four-way-path-model of a future democracy (Lecture at the American University of Sophia, and at the Free University of Varna, Bulgaria, Oct. 2004) [PDF]

The four-way-path of democracy [PDF]

Language Theory for the Computer: Monodimensional Semantics or Multidimensional Semiotics?, in: Knowledge Organization 23 (1996), p. 147–156. [Monodimensional Semantics or Multidimensional Semiotics?] [PDF]

New Body-Mind-Spirit-Anthropology and Ancient Doctrine of Chakras as Common Fundament of Eco-Logic, Contribution to the Congress for the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, New Delhi, February 1–7, 1993. (Now included in the book "Integral Philosophy", ch. 2.)

«Project World Ethic». Critical Remarks on Kueng's Book from the Viewpoint of Religious Philosophy (Contribution to the Conference «God: the Contemporary Discussion», Paris, Mai 1992 (Conference Paper).

Theory of practical communication: a Christian approach, in: Media Development. Journal of the World Association for Christian Communication, Vol. XXVIII/4 (1981) 1–9.

Theory of Practical Communication: a Philosophical and Christian Approach, in: Communications 12 (1986) 7–25.

The Problem of Institutionalized Religion at the Dawn of the Aquarian Age, in: Acts of the Assembly of the World's Religions, San Francisco 1990 (Conference-Paper).

Ancilla Theologiae? Can philosophy help to articulate common divine contents of spiritual experiences. New Era Conference in Assisi: «God: a Contemporary Discussion» (Conference Paper).

What can we expect from Philosophy of Religion for the Future of Europe? (Contribution to the Conference «Europe in Search of its Identity», Gent, Sept. 1989; Conference Paper).

Action, Language, Art, and Mysticism as Reflection Levels of an Alternative Semiotics, and the Spirutual Perspective of a Value-Levels-Semocracy, in: Pragmatisme, Spirituality and Society. New Pathways of Consciousness, Freedom and Solidarity, ed. by Ananta Kumar Giri, Singapore 2021 (Palgrave Macmillan). 

A complete list of Heinrichs` publications, you find on the German part of this website.

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